Gren Heat

How Are GrenHeat Bricks Made?

They are held together by the force applied to them during the manufacturing process. Wood fiber is fed into a mold, where a large ram puts thousands of pounds of pressure on the fiber and compresses it into a GrenHeat Brick. The bricks are held together by the rejoined fibers in the wood and the natural resins. No glues or binders are added.

Starting A Fire

Establish a bed of coals by stacking bricks in a teepee formation. Place newspaper and/or kindling beneath the bricks before you ignite.


Wood Stove Use

Stack bricks flat and tight in stove. Place a brick teepee (see starting a fire) in direct contact with flat tight bricks. Do not stack near glass or on top of stove. Do not overfill!


Fire Places & Campfires

Once you have a bed of coals, gradually add bricks as needed for desired heat and flame; just like fire wood. GrenHeat bricks contain no additives, and are safe for campfire cooking.

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